Tablet Guide Holiday 2013: Infographic

If you’re looking for a tablet this holiday season, I have a good news: you have several great options. My infographic will help you pick the perfect one.

Tablet Guide Holiday 2013 Infographic by Drew Rapp.

Tablet Guide Holiday 2013, Infographic by Drew Rapp.

If Black Friday sales are any indicator, the hottest tech gift this holiday season is the tablet.

A number of family members and friends have asked for my advice picking the right one. To answer this question, I picked eight of the best – from a great $150 entry-level tablet to a full-powered laptop replacement – and designed this infographic.

As a student of both business and visual arts, I have always believed representing information visually is a clear and effective way of communicating ideas. Infographics help people make sense of data, put numbers into perspective, and can even aid in a decision making process.

One caveat: The key to a great infographic is simplicity. There are dozens of worthy tablets out there, and I had to make some tough choices narrowing down this list. So start here, figure out what it is you want to do with the device, and shop around. But if you do pick one from my guide, rest assured that you’ll have a real winner.

Here’s a closer look at the reasoning behind the infographic. Are you in the market for a tablet? Let me know what’s important to you — and which one you end up choosing. Happy Holidays!

Tablets for Work

If you’re looking to get real work done on your tablet, consider Microsoft’s Surface line-up. Surface runs Microsoft Office and supports an integrated keyboard that is comfortable enough to use for typing full-time.

Surface Pro 2 runs the full version of Windows 8.1, which means you’ll be able to run almost any Windows software on it. Surface 2 runs a lightweight version of Windows, but still has the powerful apps you’d expect from Microsoft, such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Apple’s iPad Air is also a serious contender in the “Work” tablet space, thanks to a fast new processor and support for iWork apps, which Apple is now giving away for free. If you don’t need Microsoft Office, take a look at the iPad too.

Tablets for Play

Most of us aren’t ready to ditch our computers just yet. Therefore, tablets that can entertain us with the web, apps, books and movies are really all we need. The biggest difference among these “Play” tablets is screen size – so you’ll have to decide: do you prefer a bigger display or a more portable form factor?

Bigger Display

If you want a bigger display, the iPad Air is probably your best bet. Apple’s flagship tablet is fast, offers a great catalogue of books, magazines and movies, and has the largest selection of apps and games out there.

Still, at $500 the iPad Air shouldn’t be the only full-size tablet you consider. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has an incredibly sharp display, and offers a robust selection of apps and content. Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD+ may be a year old, but starting at $149, it gets you the most tablet-for-your-buck on the market.

More Portability

If you want a smaller device that you can tote around wherever you go, Apple’s iPad Mini with Retina Display is a great choice – with a high price tag. Want to splurge? Pick up an iPad. But Google and Amazon both offer alternatives at a lower price, without many trade-offs.

Gamers, and those looking to get the most out of the Google Play app store should take a look at Google’s Nexus 7. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tablet to replace your e-reader, or you subscribe to Amazon Prime, check out the Kindle Fire HDX 7.

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